Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5K Race Photos

Max pulled a Sherlock Holmes on me and found some pictures of us running in both of the 5Ks we've completed:

First up, our FIRST 5K! This was taken about 30 seconds in to the race. This is the worst part of the race- all the walkers and runners and joggers and strollers are all clumped together. This is the closest I'll ever come to being a fish. Upstream, baby. Upstream.

Max and I realized pretty quickly that we'd have to come up with a strategy to break away from the other fishies, so we spotted the Dad in yellow pushing a stroller and drafted behind him. Strollers cut a wide path, dontchaknow!

(In blue, behind the Dad in yellow)
(Don't mind us, we're just drafting... yes our dog can also draft!)
It's funny to have that memory of the race, and then see it here in a picture. What will them come up with next? Moving pictures????

(Me in blue, Lucy Dog in bandana, Max in black, in the shades)
Close up so you can see Max and Lucy! I love that Max looks like he's my secret service detail.

And from the start of our first race, cut to the finish of our most recent race:

(Here I am crossing the finish line with Max cheering me on!)
Here's the funny thing about this picture: You see that chick in turquoise just ahead of me? She had just run up behind me and literally jumped in front of me in the last moment before we crossed the finish line and are corralled by the ropes. In this picture, if you look closely, you can see me giving her the stink eye. She really almost tripped me!! See you next Tuesday!! ...um at the race.... next Tuesday... yeah.

But I didn't let it bother me too much (obviously) because my main man Max was there cheering me on. It's hard to stay mad at anyone when you've just crossed the finish line of a race and your boyfriend is there to cheer you on and steer you towards a dry spot in the grass where you can collapse.

Can't wait for a picture of me where both my feet are off the ground

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