Thursday, May 3, 2012

2.18 Miles @ 6mph

Max, Lucy and I did 2.18 miles this morning along the Mississippi River. Lucy got to try out her new doggie backpack. Of course, she loved it! She loves getting suited up for runs. And obviously, because she is the best dog ever, she got lots of smiles from passing strangers!

Max and I felt great on the run even though it was freaking HOT at 7a. I surprised Max by buying him The Stick. That thing is magical! His calves and my Achilles were calm during our run after using The Stick last night and this AM before the run. Magical, I tells ya!

I tried adding tempo to my run today. I ran 'comfortably hard' for the first 3/4 mile. Felt good. I'm doing a 10 min mile consistently now, which is awesome considering in August I was running a 13 or 14 min mile.

Now I'm chasing down a 9 min mile.

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