Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh Yeah.....

(I won this mug in a race!!!!)
Not to brag... but I ran 14 muthafocking miles this week!!!!

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I came in 2nd place in my weight class in the Fat Boy 5K??? With a PR, no less! 31:23 
I won a mug (see pic on the left) and a trophy! Trophy pics coming soon!!!!

Oh Yeah!!!!

Great Run Sunday!

(This is the kind of terrain we have been enjoying at Mary's)
Wow. Today's run was so awesome. It was the 30 min EZ run day today on the 10K training calendar. So me, Max, Lucy Dog and Max's mom Mary went for a gorgeous 2 mile jog. Mary is just starting to run, and Max and I were blown away with her 2 miles @ 13min/min pace. She's a rockstar! (And she has the tattoos to match!)

We're visiting Mary in Hood River, Oregon. Hood River is a mountainous place, so Max and I have finally gotten a crack at running on hills. In NOLA, the closest you get to a hill is running up one of the levees. :-)

The air is so fresh here... and the views! Oy! I promise to take a picture of the snowcapped mountains we can see when we run so all y'all suckers in the humidity can feel some of the coolness we are basking in. You're welcome!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

10K Training

Hello World! Sorry for the long lapse in communication, but I've been on the road for a couple months. We've stopped (for now) in Hood River, Oregon!

I'm back now, and running my butt off! Max and I have decided to train for a 10K. There isn't actually a 10K on the horizon for us, but we figure if we start training for that, it'll be easy to do the jump to a half marathon in the spring. If we end up back in NOLA, we will do the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

Here's our week's training and how we've done so far: