Thursday, May 10, 2012

3 miles @ WTF MPH

Did 3 miles before work today.

Am I the only one who wants to kill the Nike+ app sometimes? And I'm not even hating it because of the sucky GPS (I'm pretty sure that's NOLAs fault...?)

I'm mad at Nike+ app today because before my run, I purposefully went into settings and changed it so that clicking on my headphones would pause my workout (so I could eliminate the minutes from my workout where I'm just waiting for Lucy Dog to do her business) and yet BOOM, I go to pause the workout when Lucy needs to pee and TA-DA! no pause. So now my MPH are all fucked. I swear, I don't run an 11:30 mile anymore! I'm better than that!

I went to run 3 this AM to prep for the two 5Ks I have coming up, but now I have no way of knowing if I was going faster or not. Thanks, Nike.

I guess if I compare the Nike+ app to the Nike+ website it's a dream come true, though. For a company that loves Apple, they have the clunkiest Flash website of all time.

They keep promising a new, better, faster, smarter website...

Still waiting, guys!

ED NOTE: Turns out the reason it wasn't working is because I put my phone to sleep before I put it in my nike running shorts pockets. Still stupid.

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