Thursday, April 26, 2012

Run, Val, Run!

I've become something of a runner in recent months. Or maybe something like a runner is more accurate... okay, okay (I see you giving me the side eye, Max!) I have become something of a JOGGER, because let's be honest... 6mph isn't running.

(At my heaviest last summer, with my Mama on July 4th)
It started in the summer of 2011 when I was at my all-time heaviest weight. I decided I was unhealthy, uncomfortable, and ready to change my lifestyle for good. In the past I had done the crash diet thing to lose weight, but that's not a healthy or sustainable solution.

So Max and I decided to begin a workout routine. We started by doing laps in North Hollywood park. Ah, yes- memories! Between the dust in the air (kicked up from the dirt track  by all our fellow joggers) to the smog (the park is quaintly nestled against the 170 freeway- I mean literally between two off-ramps) it was not the most luxurious place to work out our lungs. But it did the trick. We went to that park 3-5 times a week and got stronger, faster, and fitter as the summer went on. At first, I couldn't even jog for a quarter mile. Of course Max is a super human and... you know... wasn't obese... so he could run much longer and faster than I could. After a few months of sticking to it, though, I was up to running 2 miles straight, averaging about 12 or 13 minutes per mile.

Oh, side note and fun story: One time when we were crossing the street to get to the park, Tommy Lee pulled a U-turn and almost hit us! It was so cool. :-P

Cut to today:

Eight months later I have lost a total of 41 pounds (59 lbs more to go to hit my goal weight). Max and I still go for morning runs. (We're not in NoHo anymore, though. We've upgraded to running along the Mississippi River in NOLA.) We've also started Power 90, P90 X's little, kinder sister. P90 is awesome! It kicks our asses, but it's fun and Tony Horton is a hoot.

But I need more. More exercise! More activities! Because you know what? It's fun to workout!

I know. What the eff am I saying!? But it's true. Stick with a running plan, and about 3-4 months in it starts to be fun. I went for a run this AM with Max and Lucy Dog, and I can still feel that awesome runners high!

It was with that runner's high still pumping that I googled '5k New Olreans' just to see what races were coming to town. And guess what? A 5k just happens to scheduled for this Sunday in our neighborhood!    See, this is why you should never google while high (on running, or anything else), because as soon as I saw it, I knew Max and I HAD to run it.

Best part? Max agreed! So this Sunday, we'll be running in the  Run, Forest, Run Bubba Gump 5k supporting Children's Hospital of Louisiana. I broke my leg/hip/arm/life when I fell out of a 2nd floor window when I was four and ended up in Children's Hospital in LA for 3 months, so it feels cool to give back to a Children's hospital 23 years later!

Yes Max is going to be faster than me. But who cares? I'm running in a freaking 5k! I never thought I'd be able to say that!

I look forward to all of the race #s and medals I'll be hanging on my wall with Max. Yes, I'm just a jogger for now. But this is the first step in the right direction.

Can't freaking wait for Sunday!!!!!!

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