Monday, April 30, 2012

Fridge Power!!!!!

Reasons my fridge rules (Clockwise from the yellow magnet):

#1 - The yellow clip magnet is holding up a news letter that my building publishes. One of the pics in this month's news letter is me, Max, and Lucy! I look skinny in the picture, and Max and Lucy are cute as always :)

#2 - My race # from the Run, Forrest, Run 5k. 'Nuff said.

#3 - Beneath my race # lies the poster to my play. I wrote a play, someone actually produced it, and we were a hit. I have the poster to prove it! 'Nuff said x2!

#4 - Dish towel. This towel represents how well I've soaked up my new healthy lifestyle. JUST KIDDING! It's just a freaking towel... moving on...

#5 - The blue clip magnet is holding up our Power 90 calendar. Tony Horton for president!!!!!!

#6- Also beneath the yellow clip magnet is the check list Max and I made called our "Go Go Go Go Do" list.  We are trying to install a healthy routine, and checklists that say obvious stuff like "drink water" and "do pushups" are very helpful!

So yeah. I look at our frige and I feel pride. Our fridge shows how committed to a healthy, happy life together! 

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