Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Power 90 Day 2

OK so day 1 was the weight training. Day 2 is the cardio and abs.

First impressions:

I love the pushup/power yoga/ plank thing. It's freaking hard, but I bet when I'm stronger, fitter, and lighter it's going to be really fun to fluidly move between all of those poses.

Who knew that pumping one's arms up and down over and over while high stepping in place for a minute would be so hard? It's cool! It's like cardio... without the moving forward part!

I love the X. Such a cool idea.

I did 100 crunches, bitches!!! It wasn't bad either! I think the fact that I've done Denise Austin's Pilates DVD a few dozen times helps my technique. I know how to point my toes when I do the bicycle one! I win!!!!!!

This was 'easier' for me than the circuit day, but I was still weak, sweaty, and tired when it was done. LOVE IT!

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