Saturday, August 11, 2012

10K Training

Hello World! Sorry for the long lapse in communication, but I've been on the road for a couple months. We've stopped (for now) in Hood River, Oregon!

I'm back now, and running my butt off! Max and I have decided to train for a 10K. There isn't actually a 10K on the horizon for us, but we figure if we start training for that, it'll be easy to do the jump to a half marathon in the spring. If we end up back in NOLA, we will do the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

Here's our week's training and how we've done so far:

On today's run (Saturday of Week 1) I did my 3 miles alternating btw 5, 5.2 and 5.5 mph on the treadmill. I prefer running on the open road, but it's too hot and sunny right now so we're using the treadmill in the garage. I walked .25 miles as a warmup and then got to running. The first 2.5 miles at running pace felt like torture. Then that song 'Truck Yeah' came on the radio and I started getting really pumped. That's when the runner's high kicked in and I finished the final .5 miles at 5.2 pace and felt like a rockstar. I'm finally getting fit enough that I can feel my abs tighten when I run!!! 

I finished up on the treadmill and then Max got on to power out the best freaking 3 miles that treadmill has ever seen! His top speed was 8.5 mph. He had been lifting weights before the run, so he looked extra muscled and hot while he sweated though his run. I'm a lucky lady! :-) 

We still have our 30 min EZ run for tomorrow, but then we get a rest day on Monday. I'll be interested to see how our first "EZ" run goes. We normally push ourselves every time, but with this new running routine, we've already pushed ourselves to the limit. The strategy behind the EZ run is that it'll lossen up our muscles without making them any more tired. Can't wait!  

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